The remaining copies of the Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Book Set are now finally regularly available in our store. Books ordered from here on out will ship out immediately, and no longer in batches. To celebrate, they are being offered at the original Kickstarter backer price of $80 for this week only.

Book I and Book II contain everything related to the main story of Ethan and Lucas. Everything that I considered “canon” and relevant to their ten-year arc. With the unrelated one-shots removed, these two books focus entirely on the main cast of characters and their adventures. 

Especially later on in the comic’s run, there would sometimes be 2-3 months of one-shots in between stories about the main cast. With this book set, for the first time ever, there are no such interruptions. This set also includes the massive “Game Games Bowl” short story in its entirety.

Book III contains… well, everything else! All of the gaming one-shots, Players stuff, Chef Brian, the Sillies, the Ethan MacManus: Space Archeologist issues, etc. Ten years worth of gaming references, random antics and pop-culture commentary.


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