The Kickstarter for Legendary Showdown has blown through it’s funding goal, but there’s still time for you to score a copy for yourself, including some awesome metal coins and a character magnet set (featuring one special hidden character that will be revealed towards the end of the campaign). You can also help the campaign reach its stretch goals by sharing it on Facebook, or using the#legendaryshowdown hashtag on Twitter! Let’s unlock that extra content!

The campaign does a great job of explaining how the game works and the sort of rewards you can get, so I won’t try and recap here. Instead I’ll tell you a little bit about how the game came about.

Killer Robot Games has produced two version of Legendary Showdown so far, both featuring online comic strips. Last fall they approached me about the possibility of licensing Ctrl+Alt+Del for their third game. I gave the game a try and thought it was a great balance of “easy to learn” and “lots of strategy.” Plus, it was a great way for some of my characters who will never otherwise meet to interact, and for readers to settle arguments of “who would win in a fight?”

Killer Robot Games scoured my archives from front to back to find characters, situations and items that they felt would make for great gameplay, and then sent me a list. If the comic was recent (ie, the last few years) and I felt the art held up, we used it for the card. But I wanted the game to have a uniform art-style throughout, and so for the vast majority of cards, that meant drawing new artwork. I estimate more than 80-90% of the art in Legendary Showdown is brand new, and drawn just for these cards.

There are also a lot of great add-ons we came up with, like a cool magnet set so you can create battle scenes on your fridge (including a yet-to-be seen character that will be revealed towards the end of the campaign to avoid spoilers). We also have some cool etched metal game coins, and some nice stretch goals.

I do want to be clear that while I worked with Killer Robot Games to make the game as great as possible, the Kickstarter campaign and fulfillment is being run entirely by them. They’ve run, funded and successfully shipped two Legendary Showdown campaigns already, so we’re in good hands, I just want to be clear that I’m not the person to contact regarding pledge questions and issues.

So there you have it, Ctrl+Alt+Del’s very first foray into tabletop gaming (and hopefully not the last!) Make sure you check out the Kickstarter campaign and score your very own copy of Legendary Showdown: Gamer’s Quest!

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