Ctrl+Alt+Del in newspapers

February 7, 2007 by Tim

In other interesting news, residents of the Spokane, Washington area, starting this Friday I believe, will be able to find Ctrl+Alt+Del in the Spokesman Review. I just recently signed a deal to syndicate the comic strip to the newspaper.

Ctrl+Alt+Del in newspapers is never something I’ve really pursued, and I’ve always said that I would never write CAD for newspapers. That still holds true, because a lot of what I do with CAD couldn’t be done in public newspapers. But if I can continue writing CAD for the website, and just let some of the strips be published in newspapers, hey, that sounds ok to me. I mean, they’re already there anyway.

So it will be an interesting experiment to see how it goes over.

I’ll have a couple of other interesting print-related announcements to make in the coming months, but for the time I’m under an umbrella of secrecy. And it’s raining justice!


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