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February 7, 2007 by Tim

Ok, today’s the day all this new stuff goes on sale in the store. We’ve done everything we can to prepare, so fingers crossed the traffic won’t cripple to store servers, but.. if there is a problem of some sort, please be patient, I assure you we will have people on it within seconds.

The sale starts at 10am PST (PST is -8GMT), which by my clock is in a just a few minutes. All the new stuff in the store will be made available at 10am PST, with the second batch of Limited Edition Hardcover books going on sale at 6pm PST. Now, about the swag:

Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 3 Paperback– Volume Three is 168 pages, and collects the next 150 or so comics from the series, as well as an additional mini-story that can’t be found anywhere else that details how Scott came to meet Ted, and reveals a little bit about their past. With a foreword written by my good friend Michael “Mookie” Terraciano, and artist and character commentary on every page. The first 300 people to order a paperback Volume 3 will receive a signed copy.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 3 Limited Edition Hardcover– Everything I said about the paperback, except this book has a very nice glossy hard cover, that says “limited edition” on it. It also comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and every Limited Edition is guaranteed to come signed by me, the artist. These are also extremely limited in nature, and will most likely sell very quickly.

Analog and D+Pad Issue #1– The very first Analog and D+Pad comic book, which features all the characters you know and love from the comic strip, but in an alternate universe with gaming super heroes and villains! 6-page Sneek Peek here. 24 pages of all new content, written by me, and pencilled by Zack Finfrock. Once these are sold out, they won’t be reprinted, but I it will take a little while for that to happen. We have a bunch.

Zeke Plushie– Our first attempt at a CAD plushie. A test of interest, if you will. They’re pretty limited, and they take a while to make, so once they’re gone, they’re gone until late 2007. They stand about 8 inches tall, perfect for sitting on your computer desk, or clipping to your backpack.

The two new t-shirt designs– You should be able to figure this out on your own…

And that’s it. The sale should start any moment, I’ve given you all of the information I can, as often as I can. Good luck!

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