The second Ctrl+Alt+Del picture pack and first (even though it says second) dashboard theme are now up on the marketplace. Also the second episode of the first season of the animated series is up there now too.

Just go to Videos or Games, and then Independents> Blind Ferret Entertainment and you’ll find them in there.

I’m really pleased with how the second picture pack turned out. I asked readers what icons they would like to see, and took some of the most common suggestions and added a few of my own.

For the Theme, I love how the blades turned out, but I”m a little iffy on the “guide blade” background. But, it’s my first time doing a theme, and now I know for Theme #2. Anyway, as I hate it that XBL asks you to buy themes without getting a preview, here’s what the blades look like. You get a different skin for all four blades.

That first blade has the artwork from the new cover of the upcoming reprint of Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 1.

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