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October 27, 2011 by Tim

As I mentioned a while ago, I’m planning to run a guild in The Old Republic for readers. I hadn’t intended to get into that until the game launched, since we still don’t know a whole lot about what guilds can do in TOR (max membership size, permissions, etc).

Still, I guess there’s another school of thought on the subject, which is “Fuck it, we’ll figure it out when we get there”.

So in that spirit, I went ahead and started up the pre-registration for the CAD guild. Kinetic will be a Galactic Republic guild in TOR.

I intend to lead Kinetic much the same way I ran ZeGuild for nearly two years, with the same philosophy and many of the same policies that made that guild so successful. With so much of TOR’s specifics up in the air (PVP, raid sizes, etc), I can’t implement a lot of policy just yet, but in ZeGuild we did a little bit of everything, from being top five in progression on our server, to having weekly PVP nights, and everything inbetween. That will be our goal with Kinetic as well.

So if you’re planning to play The Old Republic in a couple of months, and are looking for a group of people to enjoy the game with, you’re welcome to launch with Kinetic! You can pre-join via the temporary website, or you can just wait and hit us up in game after it launches. Either way, I’ll see you there!

(Note: The registration made me select a time zone for the guild, but I certainly don’t care if we have guild members across all time zones. In my experience these official guilds are plenty large enough that there are always people on at all times of the day.)

(Update: Looks like the guild page is down… maybe we crashed it, I dunno. I have a ticket in, so please be patient. We have plenty of time to get things sorted before the game launches!)

(Update #2: Weird, it seems the front page if the guild portal is down, but you can still access all of the other pages, like the roster.)

(Update #3: Aaaand it looks like it’s all working again!)

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