October 25, 2010 by Tim

Blizzcon has come and gone for the year, and while it was fairly “meh” as far as WoW and Starcraft were concerned, it did bring a lot of pretty new Diablo 3 shininess to look at, and a couple of choice announcements.

I’ve been trying to turn a mostly blind eye to Diablo 3 news because I know it’s soooo far away. Still, I couldn’t ignore Blizzcon this weekend, and now I’m worked up into a little bit of a Diablo frenzy. I’m even reinstalling Diablo 2 and Torchlight to try and quench my need for dungeon crawling.

They announced the fifth and final class for D3, the dual-crossbow wielding Demon Hunter. It’s a cool idea for a rogue-ish type ranged class, but… dual crossbows?

I guess it could have been worse. I’ve actually obtained a piece of never-before-seen Blizzard concept art showcasing a previous iteration of this class. I present to you the dual-longbow Demon Hunter:

They also announced structured PvP arena battles which immediately turns the game into even more of a must-have timesink. All in all Diablo 3 is looking amazing, which makes it even more painful to think that we may not even get it until 2012.

Fingers crossed Torchlight 2 isn’t too far off.

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