Bucket Bandits

October 29, 2010 by Tim

You’ll get shot at or at the very least frowned at if you steal from people in Fallout: New Vegas. Unless you know how to wield a bucket, apparently. Then it’s business as usual.

Unfortunately I haven’t been playing as much F:NV as… well I guess as I’d expect myself to be playing. Every time I fire it up, I enjoy it for about fifteen minutes, and then I’m overcome with an unavoidable feeling of “Oh yeah, I’ve played this before.” Which is to say, I think I put so much time into Fallout 3 that maybe I got burnt out on the same barren wastelands and Bethesday playdough-face NPCs.

This week didn’t bring as much new shiny as hoped either, with The Force Unleashed 2 being an incredibly disappointment. While the first game had an interesting story which cleverly fit right into the Star Wars canon, TFU2’s story seems more like “lolololclones is how we get more money!”

The combat and levels are terribly repetitive.

Fable 3 fared a little better, partially because I’m used to taking Molyneux’s hype with a huge spoonful of salt nowadays. What it seems we ended up with is a more polished Fable 2 with some extra bells and whistles. I can’t speak to the endgame firsthand, but from what I’m being told, it all boils down to how much money you’ve been able to scrape together.

If you loved Fable 2, it’s a pretty safe bet that Fable 3 will entertain you plenty. At least it’s got proper co-op this time around, which I’m hoping to try out this weekend.

Still, disappointments aside, the fall game season isn’t over yet, and we’ve got a lot more to look forward to!

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