Dan’s Surgery

July 8, 2008 by Tim

Rob “Terarin” Strohmeyer, one of Dan’s fellow BrushThralls, has posted an update on how Dan’s surgery went today:

“Terarin here with an update for all of those interested in Dan “YW7”
Smith’s status. Dan went in for surgery today. The surgery went well.
The doctor removed 10 tumors on his right side and 1 aggressive tumor
on his left. Later this afternoon things got scary as Dan had a bad
reaction to the anesthesia. Fortunately he had a kick ass
anesthesiologist who recognized what was happening and got it
corrected. Dan was moved to the intensive care unit at the University
of Utah, and will be moved to a regular hospital room tomorrow. He’s
expected to be there for a couple of days. According to his wife,
Kerry, he is doing much better.

Our hopes and prayers are with Dan today. We here at
BrushThralls.com and the SteamDogs are thankful for the outpouring of
support the hobby community has shown. We’ll continue to keep you
posted. “

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