Loud noises!

July 9, 2008 by Tim

Bleh, construction next door. Jackhammers on concrete, what a wonderful way to start your morning.

So I’ll be at ConnectiCon next month. I’ll be scheduling some times when I’ll be at my table, with books, and DVDs and etc etc, all that jazz. I also had another idea, though, that I wanted to run by you.

I was thinking of bringing my Warmachine stuff to try and get a game or two in over the course of the weekend. I was also thinking of maybe trying to get a few games in at my booth, if there were some fans that wanted to play.

My idea was to play a few 350 point games, and if you beat me, you get some free CAD merchandise. You’d have to bring your own 350 point force and materials, I won’t be providing anything. So if you’re a WM/HORDES player, and a CAD fan, and you’ll be at ConnectiCon, send me an email if this is something you’d be interested in.

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