DDO GameDay Server

April 22, 2006 by Tim

We’ll be playing on Fernia. Start your character’s surname with ‘Cad’ so it’s easy to identify eachother.

Create your character, and then progress through the newbie island, which is mostly tutorial and solo content that will teach you the game. After you’re done, take the boat to Stormreach, and hang out in the harbor where you arrive.

Once a bunch of people start showing up there, we may form an impromptu guild, to make it easier for people to find groups and such.

After the GameDay is over, the guild will remain for anyone that wants to continue playing for the rest of their 7 day trial.

My name in-game is Absath Cadronicus. Let’s just assume that if you’re coming out to play DDO with us today, that you enjoy the comic. So “thank you very much” in advance, and let’s try to refrain from bombarding me with /tells. It will be difficult for me to answer a bunch of different people at once, so please don’t get upset if it seems like I’m ignoring you. I’m not. Once we get a guild formed for the day, it should be easier to communicate amongst eachother.

See you in-game!

Update: Ok, making a guild is easier than I thought. Find me in the tavern in the newbie area, and I’ll invite you to the guild!

Ok, I recruited for about a half an hour, now I’ve started playing. If you come late, just send me a whisper and I’ll try and invite you.

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