April 14, 2014 by Tim

“Oh boy, another zombie survival MMO!” said nobody ever.

Look, I’ve held onto enjoyment of zombie-based titles a long longer than most people, but even I’m starting to get a little fatigued with so many of them continuing to pop up. You know what, though? Duck it. I actually don’t care if SOE wants to have a go at making the “perfect” zombie survival game. Let ’em give it a shot.

But a few months ago, Smedley said (and I quote), “SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now.”

This got a lot of people’s hopes up. Not for SWG2, because of the licensing issues. But hopes for… I don’t know, something comparable. And original IP sci-fi MMO in the vein of Star Wars Galaxies maybe… something along those lines.

And when that game turns out to be just another zombie survival title nobody asked for… I don’t know, that’s kind of shitty. Come on, Star Wars Galaxies fans have been through enough. Just let them be. If you want to make a zombie game, that’s fine. But don’t open up old wounds by suggesting SWG players can “come home” to your new game because… what? It’s got some house building in it?

That’s not even close, in my opinion.

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