Digital Overload 2006

November 23, 2005 by Tim

Behold, the Ctrl+Alt+Del LAN event. I mentioned that we were planning
this a while back, and a lot of people have been eager for details, and
now I can finally cough up a few.

Digital Overload 2006
is currently scheduled to be held in
Providence, RI, in early March. I’ve got a great group of people
working on organizing it, and I can tell you, it is shaping up to be
one hell of an event.

See, I attend all of these conventions, and I love seeing fans, but I
never feel like I actually get to interact with them.
First of all, I mostly have to attach myself to anime conventions,
since they are the most abundant and accepting of webcomics. So for
someone to come see me that may not even like anime (or at least not to
the extent of attending a convention dedicated to one), they would have
to travel to and buy entry into some Anime Convention.

Then they’ve paid their entry fee, and I am but one tiny little part of
this huge con, somewhere in the dealer’s room or artist’s alley.
And then I’m always behind a table, like I’m on display or something. I
get to talk to fans, but there is often a whole line of people also
waiting to talk to me, so I feel rushed. I rarely ever get to just hang
out with fans and chat.

So that’s what Digital Overload is about. Removing all the extra convention
bullshit. Dedicating a whole event just to Ctrl+Alt+Del and its fans.
Something where we can get together, and I can play video games with
fans for a couple of days straight. No tables, no formality, just
screaming at eachother in good fun as we LAN late into the night.

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