Digital Overload Schedule

January 27, 2010 by Tim

We’ve released our schedule of official tournaments and events for Digital Overload 2010. This year, on top of a great variety of games and contests lined up, we’ll be opening the event even earlier on Friday! That’s right, doors will open at 2pm this year, allowing attendees into a section of the hall where they can enjoy tabletop and console games while they wait to check-in to the BYOC area.

We’ve also officially added a couple of new contests, the Computer Case Mod and Computer Mouse Mod competitions!

 Computer Case Mod Competition

Got a cool computer case mod? Think it’s best of the rest? Bring it to Digital  Overload to show off to attendees, and submit it for judging for a prize and recognition! Mods will be judged on technical execution, artistic flare and functionality.


 Computer Mouse Mod Competition

Struck by the modding itch, but not interested in the financial investment required to build a whole new PC? Enter the Mouse Mod competition at Digital Overload! Submit your functional, modded mice for a chance to win prizes! Modded mice must be functional… and that’s where the rules end!

Will you combine the innards of a mouse with the shell of a toaster? Will you take your Bejeweler to your mouse for a dazzling entry? Mods will be judged on creativity and execution.

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