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January 29, 2010 by Tim

2K Games has announced that Bioshock 2 will not feature the ability to play versus locally over a LAN on any system, which sort of throws a monkey wrench into our plans for a Team ADAM grab tourney at Digital Overload 2010. So we’re going to be replacing that with other console 4v4 game. Right now I’m waiting to confirm whether or not Bad Company 2 will feature local matches. Our other runner-up is a 4v4 Aliens v Predator match, or maybe a Super Mario Bros Wii 4-player Speed Run tourney. I should have an announcement on this in a day or two, and then we’ll open tournament registration.

We’ve also made a slight alteration to the Call of Duty tournament. We’ll be using ProMod instead DAMN, since DAMN is no longer supported. So please make sure your team is practicing with the appropriate ruleset.

Don’t forget to check out the schedule for the event before you sign up for tournaments, to avoid conflicts. Also keep in mind that Magic: The Gathering and Warmachine/Hordes events are not listed, because they’ll be taking place pretty much nonstop for all three days.

SUMO is sponsoring Digital Overload again this year, and we’ll have a ton of their great chairs on-hand at the event. I have little doubt that the unofficial SUMO olympics will return yet again at this year’s event. We’ll also be giving a few of these chairs away as prizes, so if you’re lucky, you may walk away from the event with a brand new SUMO beanbag chair.

If you can’t wait, it looks like SUMO is running a special for valentine’s day, $10 off the Omni and free shipping.

It’s often hard to pinpoint my favorite part of Digital Overload. There’s so much to choose from. But easily in the top ten is unpacking the SUMO chairs each year. Unboxing 100+ chairs into a giant mountain of SUMO. It’s like the Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit, but for grownups.

We have 35 days left until Digital Overload, and not many seats left. We’re closing registration on February 18th, one way or another. So that leaves a little over 2 weeks to register and pay for your badge this year. Remember, we don’t sell full-access badges at the door, so registering online is your only option.

We do sell our Spectator badges at the door (and online this year, if you want to purchase them in advance). These allow you to come into the hall and hang out, and play games (assuming someone invites you to play on their PC or Console), but you just can’t enter or exit with any equipment, or participate in any tournaments or prize giveaways.

Finally, everyone that is attending needs to sign the event waiver. To speed up the check-in process, please print this out and sign it ahead of time, and bring it with you. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent/guardian sign this waiver and you must bring it with you or you will not be permitted into the event.

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