February 10, 2006 by Tim

Digital Overload is only a month away! We’ve just done a major update to the FAQ to address some of the questions we’ve been getting.

The two biggest developments of late concern hotels and computers.

of all, a lot of people were having trouble getting a room, because our
official hotels had a 21+ checkin policy. Well, we’ve spoked to the
Holiday Inn and they are willing to make an exception for attendees of
Digital Overload. So if you are age 18 or older, you are now able to
reserve a room for the LAN party. See the website for details.

some people wanted to attend but weren’t thrilled about transporting
their computer and equipment for a long trip. Well you can now rent a PC
just for Digital Overload. The computer will be waiting for you when
you arrive, and picked up after the convention is over. All you have to
do is get yourself there!

I’m really psyched about this event. We’ll be having PC gaming and console gaming galore. We’ve brought the fine folks at Ni!
aboard to help us organize things, to ensure that everything runs as
smoothly as possible. They’ve helped run huge events like QuakeCon, so
I’m proud to have their expertise on hand.

We’ll even have tabletop gaming. My good friend Matt Daigle will be at the event with a small portion of his massive board game collection, running games for people that want to take a break from the glow of the monitor.

of course I’ll be there, hanging out, playing video games, and goofing
off. It’s looking like it will be a really fun weekend, and it’s coming
up fast! There are still some tickets available, but we are capping
attendance, so get yours soon. If you need to arrange a carpool or
room-share, you can check the forum.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there!

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