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June 27, 2005 by Tim

The button was giving an error. Should work fine now.

Two things: Yes, it will be very easy for someone to pitch in their $5 and then give the password to their friends as well. There is no way around this, and I expect it. But look at it realistically. If 64 people pitch in for a server, those 64 people are not going to be on the server 24 hours a day. We expect people to tell a friend or two, but to be aware that the more people they tell, the less likely their chance of getting into the server they paid for at peak hours.

Second, there have been reports of stupid people cheating on private ranked servers, and EA is aware of the problem. They may decide to force ranked servers to be public, or not to rank private servers. We’ll deal with that when it happens. The most important thing here is having a stable server for us to play on. Having it ranked is just a benefit, and one that doesn’t cost anything extra.

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