Doom 3

August 11, 2004 by Tim

I’ve heard some people complaining about how dark Doom 3 is. Well, if you’re playing it in the middle of the day, in broad daylight, like a PUSSY, then yeah, it’ll seem a bit dark. Screen glare and all.

But if you play it in the pitch black, with no other source of light or sound in your entire living quarters… well my friend, then that shit is atmospheric.

I mean it’s not like id software said “oh shit… our graphics kind of suck. Let’s cover it up with some darkness”. No, it’s supposed to be that way. You’re on fucking MARS in a space station that has just been massacred by the depths of HELL.

By the way, those duct tape mods are retarded. The lights are too bright, you can’t turn them off, and it ruins the entire aspect of the game which makes you choose between readily available firepower, and the ability to see in dark corners. Jeez, you guys just don’t want any surprises, do you?

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