August 11, 2004 by Tim

My inbox is getting flooded over this “Xbox murders” issue. I guess I should have forseen that. I would love to discuss it with you each individually, but that’s just not possible. There are far, far more of you that agree with me than disagree, but allow me to clarify my position here.

A lot of you are arguing that the murders were over the theft of an Xbox. Technically, this is true. My point is that the headlines and media coverage, when placed next to all of the other “videogames make people violent” shit that’s going on, give the immediate illusion that the Xbox was the cause of the murders.


The cause of the murders was a group of ignorant fuckbags who were under the impression that they had the right to take a human life over some stuff. That’s it. Whether it be their lack of education, bad genes, sniffing glue, whatever it was that caused their erroneous views that the best way to solve their problems was with anger and violence, it wasn’t the Xbox. These types of people will kill you if you look at them the wrong way. It doesn’t matter to them.

Fuck calling it the fault of a video game or video game system. That’s shifting blame. These people are fucked up to begin with. Probably before they ever got their hands on a video game controller.

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