Earth Hour

March 28, 2008 by Tim

Season 2 of the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series begins on Monday March 31st. The first episode is weighing in at about 8 minutes, which is nearly twice the length of an average Season 1 episode.

Normally if you purchase episodes individually, they’ll be $2.99, but we’ll be offering the first episode of the season for $0.99. We feel like we’re making some pretty solid improvements over Season 1, and continue to improve with each episode, and we really want as many people as possible to get a chance to check them out.

In energy consumption news, perhaps some of you have heard about Earth Hour? This is the first year I’ve heard about it, but it seems like a pretty novel idea. I’m planning to participate tomorrow night. I generally try to be conscious of turning off/unplugging things when they aren’t in use, and turning lights off when I leave a room. It just sounds like a worthy act to be a part of. Will it automatically fix the world’s problems? Of course not. But it’s not going to hurt either. The city I live in isn’t listed as officially participating, but the town I was born/grew up in is. So I’m going to do it anyway.

Also I’m told right now that we’re planning to do the books thing next Wednesday. So April 2nd, is when the new books will go on sale. Just so you know.

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