January 5, 2015 by Tim

Sometimes it feels like for every new item about Destiny and its features, there are two news items about players breaking or circumventing Destiny’s intended mechanics.

I imagine this must be rather frustrating for Bungie. After all, this is all very much a learning experience for them. While no doubt they had to manage their fair share of Halo multiplayer balances and bug fixes, it must be a different breed entirely to have thousands of players battering a single encounter from countless angles and strategies.

Though I do wonder how much of this desire to fudge the game’s mechanics comes from a simple human nature (“give me what I want with as little work as possible”) and how much is a result of the ongoing perception that Destiny’s end-game is still a harsher-than-necessary, arbitrarily-padded loot treadmill (“I have to exploit because doing it the normal way doesn’t seem fair”).

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