Eyes closed tightly

May 26, 2006 by Tim

Yesterday I made some comments about a PS3 game licensing rumor (which I’ve now been told Sony denied, so the discussion is really moot), that got a lot of response. Many of you made very good arguments, and brought up some things that I hadn’t even thought of, like rentals, etc. Good show, people. Good show.

Loving Table Tennis. The more I get the hang of it, the more addicting it becomes. But it is Rockstar, so after I win a match I keep expecting to be able to go find and murder some hookers.

It’s Friday, and I’m heading out of town this afternoon, so there isn’t a lot of “news” to post. However,a massive (16 minutes!) video news post will be going up in CAD Premium at some point today, and I whipped up a quick trailer for everyone. Enjoy!

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