Fallout MMO

December 13, 2006 by Tim

It is widely known that I am a lifelong Fallout fan. So, to attempt to stem the flow of emails regarding the recently announced MMO ambitions, allow me to publicly confirm that yes, I have heard about it.

When Interplay sold the Fallout rights to Bethesda (who is working on the true Fallout sequel) they reserved the rights to make an MMO. Well, despite Interplay’s horrible current standing, I think they realize that Fallout is gold, and a very expensive MMO could possible provide a much-needed life vest for the company.

Yes, I adore the prospect of a Fallout MMO done right. However, all that has been announced is the hopes to create this MMO. Development has not begun, and even once development begins, there is nothing to say the plug can’t be pulled (just look at what happened with Fallout 3). All in all, we won’t be playing a Fallout MMO until about 2011.

I don’t know about you, but four years is a bit too soon to get my hopes and my hypes up.

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