Fluffy surprises

June 18, 2012 by Tim

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a little bit of an unexpected surprise on our end.

I was away for the weekend, but Saturday night I got a call from my wife that she’d heard mewing outside the house. She’d gone out with a flashlight to investigate, and found a tiny little black kitten hiding among the bushes in our garden. The cat ran away, and being dark out, she was unable to find the black kitten again.

When I got home on Sunday I immediately heard the kitten crying in the woods. Whenever we got close, it would stop, making it difficult to pinpoint. We put food out for it, but that didn’t work either. Every time we went inside, he’s start bawling again, and every time we went outside, he stopped.

Finally I snuck out of the house through a different door, and approached from the long way around, so that the kitten didn’t see me, and I was able to figure out where in the woods it was from its cries.

I found the little guy stuck under a big tangle of thorn bushes, and got him out. The poor little thing is tiny, and mostly just fur and bones, but otherwise very personable.

A few years ago we tried to adopt a stray kitten we found, who we named River. Unfortunately by the time we got River, she was already 2-3 months old, and was irreversably feral. We got her shots, got her spayed, and took care of her, but the entire time we had her, she remained timid and skittish, and spent her entire days under the bed. Finally after nearly a year, she found a window we’d left open, jumped onto the sill, tore a hole in our screen, and took off and never came back.

Fortunately this little kitten, who we’ve tentatively named Killian, still seems too young to have developed a permanant distrust of humans. He was starving when we brought him in, and scared, but since then he’s become very affectionate. He likes to climb all over us, and mew at us, and he’s still very much in the kitten “bitey” stage where he tries to nom on just about everything.

We have him quarantined to the guest bathroom for now, because we don’t know what he may be carrying, and we can’t put our dogs at risk. He’s got an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning and we’ll start getting him all squared away.

I consider us mostly dog people, but we love all animals and we can’t turn this little guy away. We hadn’t been planning to get a cat, but sometimes these things just work out this way.

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