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June 6, 2012 by Tim

I feel like I’ve spent the last week in a Vegas-quality gambling binge, except the slot machines were ugly demons from hell, instead of losing my life savings I lost all of my free time, and there were no free drinks. And like a trip to Vegas, I haven’t really walked away with anything of value.

I’ve been working on Diablo 3’s Inferno mode, and I think it may be curing me of my interest in playing Diablo 3. I’ve got Act 1 on farm now, but still even stepping foot into Act 2 is an excersize in self-destruction. I tried skipping Act 2 and going straight to Act 3, since a lot of people say Act 2 is unecessarily hard, and you need Act 3 gear to do it (which makes no sense to me, design-wise), but I didn’t have much luck there either.

I have no problem farming Act 1 for gear so that I can move on to the tougher acts… I don’t mind that Inferno is incredibly difficult, because after all, it’s the only thing this game has going for it to keep people playing past the first month (if that).

What frustrates me, though, is that though Inferno requires level 60 to access, 90% of the rare gear I get is junk for level 52-58. Then, of the ten percent that is actually level-appropriate, maybe 1 percent rolls stats that anyone might actually use/buy.

I’m trying to figure out how I bridge the leap from Act 1 to Act 2, and the only answer I’m coming up with is “farm Act 1 for another couple of weeks,” which is not the most enticing idea in the world at this point. If there’s another…

Ok, nevermind. While working on this newspost I caught this blog post that just went up detailing some of the expected changes for patch 1.0.3. I suppose that answers my concerns. Not too psyched about the attack speed nerf, since APS and Life on Hit is the core of my Monk’s build in Inferno, but I guess we’ll see what happens. Whether these changes come before I get totally burned out on farming junk gear is another question as well.

In other news the big show, E3, is on this week, and there’s a lot of information pouring out. Rather than try and go over it all, I’m just going to post a few videos of the games that have impressed me the most so far.

I suppose so far I’d say my biggest surprise is that there are actually games on the Wii-U I might want to play. Color me shocked.

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