For the Horde!

July 11, 2005 by Tim

I’ll be at ConnectiCon in Hartford, Connecticut this weekend. I’ll be doing panels, and hanging out in the dealers room talking to fans. I’m also getting auctioned off for a good cause. Want to have dinner with your favorite webcomic artist? Make sure you stop by the auction Saturday evening.

I’ll be announcing the Ctrl+Alt+Del team for the Webcomic Challenge either today or tomorrow.

I totally got back into World of Warcraft recently. New server, new character and I’m loving it. I’m playing on the Crushridge server, Horde, but I think I’ll remain anonymous for now.

They just really need to implement a better LFG tag/search system. The meeting stones are great, but CoH had this down perfectly, and WoW would relly benefit from something similar in that department. Hopefully in a future patch?

I’m almost done proofing the books. I’ll take some pictures of the proofs so you guys can sort of see how the book-creation process looks.

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