Gamma bomb

November 15, 2006 by Tim

So the Xfire chat went really well last night. Those are always a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who showed up and asked questions. If you didn’t make it, I’ll post the transcript as soon as they tell me it’s ready.

Ctrl+Alt+Del was mentioned on MTV last night. As I was getting ready to do the Xfire chat, my girlfriend called me in to the living room. Thanks to Tivo , I was able to see them promote my comic and the chat on national television. It was pretty neat. This is probably a long shot, but if anyone can get their hands on a clip of it, I’d love to have a copy. I’m not sure what show it was, but it was just ending last night at 8pm EST.

I also let slip a little announcement which will become public knowledge soon anyway, so I may as well just tell you about it now, and that is that very shortly Zeke plushie dolls will be making their way into our online store. It’s something we started working on earlier this year, and I approved the prototype a few months ago. They’re on their way, and will hopefully be up for sale soon. They are going to be in limited supply though, as this is sort of a test run to see if CAD plushies are something people are interested in. If they do well, we’ll make more.

Ten people from the Xfire chat won a copy of the first issue of Analog and D+Pad when it ships (soon) and I figured this would be as good a time as any to give you all that six-page sneak preview I’ve been promising. Just click on the cover art.

After the Xfire chat I played some BF2 with a pro gaming team, and a bunch of fans. It was the first game of Battlefield (2 or 2142) I’d ever played where coming in with a score of 50 was below average. Ouch.

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