November 17, 2006 by Tim

I’ll tell you, I don’t feel sorry for all the people that camped out for a PS3 and went home empty handed. If you’re desperate enough for a video game that you needed to camp outside in the cold and rain for a week, you better have understood the score. However this is some really fucked up stuff. People getting shot, people beating the crap out of eachother, threatening eachother. That’s messed up. Well, except for the kid that ran into the pole while racing for a PS3. He’s probably just a moron.

I don’t know why stores allowed people to camp out like that. That news article mentions a Best Buy in Boston that handed out tickets to the first people to show up, so they could go home and be safe and warm until the console was released. Seems to me like the smarter way to handle it. I mean, people going retarded over hot items in short supply is nothing new. Remember Tickle Me Elmo? So at this point, if we know that the public at large turns into idiotic savages over product shortages like this, shouldn’t the stores step up and take some initiative? Some responsibility? Perhaps help curb the retardation before it takes hold?

Then again, I don’t know. Maybe having someone get gunned down while waiting in line outside your store is just great for business.

Congratulations to anyone that survived the cold and went home with a PS3 though. Not for your ability to now play… well any of the “meh” launch titles, but because you’re fucking hardcore. Rock on.

The Superman Returns: The Game demo dropped on Xbox Live a few days ago. Check it out. I’ll hold off on comments until I’ve played the full game. I’m on the fence right now. It could go either way.

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