Get up, you sonuvabitch!

September 8, 2006 by Tim

I just couldn’t pass up a Rocky reference.

So I had a great time in Vegas. I gambled a little bit, and actually stayed even for the entirety of the trip, which was sort of frustrating. I went over to Hart and Huntington which was neat. They were busy, and said they could fit me in, but in the end I decided not to get a tattoo there. I’ll just go back to my guy here in New England.

The bookstore in the Vegas airport had a hardcover trade of Marvel Zombies, so I grabbed it for the flight home. I loved it. I always enjoy shit like this, like 1602. I welcome more mini-series peeks into alternate universes, like a universe where all of the heroes are cavemen in prehistoric times. Or a universe where they’re all bunnies.

Thank you so much to everyone that emailed me while I was away. I had my laptop, but I wasn’t checking email while I was out there. Usually I get your emails pretty evenly spaced throughout the day, and your kind words and compliments keep me in a good mood throughout. When I came home yesterday I had so much email to go through, it was like an overdose of kindness. You guys rock.

Some of you were asking to meet me out in Vegas. I’m sorry I didn’t arrange a fan meet of some sort. In hindsight, I probably should have, because I’m almost never out west. But I’d never been there before, and didn’t know any reliable location to hold it, and not being able to mention the trip before I was actually out there (it was a surprise trip) made it sort of difficult. I promise I’ll try and get out that way for a convention sometime soon.

We’re looking for some new volunteer writers for CADMedia, if any of you are interested. When we first launched we got hundreds and hundreds of applications, from which I chose ten to start. From those ten I’ve got a handful of great writers that have been doing awesome work with the site.

We’re currently looking for News writers for all platforms, and reviewers for all next-gen systems and current handhelds. So go ahead and send in an application (please read the guidelines) if you’d like to write with CADMedia.

So the Xfire chat is this evening. From what I’ve been told, it should be pretty lively. There should be a transcript available eventually, for anyone unable to attend. See you tonight!

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