June 20, 2003 by Tim

Ok, one of the signed sketches sold. The other one is still up for a couple more days, if anyone wants to try to make a last minute grab for it. Check it out here.

Also, I mentioned yesterday that on top of going to ConnectiCon in a few weeks, it also now looks like a very good possibility that I’ll be making an appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con in September. This is huge and great news for me, so I’ll keep you updated in case any of you were planning to or are available to attend.

If you read the site yesterday, you may have noticed that Andrew, the Editor in Chief of my reviews section made a long post concerning the future of the reviews section. We have a lot of big plans for that section, and he’s helping me spearhead the operation to get it off the ground. He’ll repost it at some point today, so give it a good read, and if you’re interested, drop him a line.

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