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June 20, 2003 by Tim

Hello, as you may know, I’m Andrew Zimmer. I started reviewing for Ctrl Alt Del’s dormant reviews section several months ago, and am proud to have turned out as much content as I have. We here at Ctrl Alt Del have been trying to keep the reviews section afloat, but it simply isnt’ happening. I asked for new reviewers a while ago, and while they have turned out some content, we still have not created a fully functional section with near-daily updates. It is the wish of Absath and myself that we reach this goal. I would hate to see Ctrl Alt Del’s review section go the way of the dodo bird. It has been an honor working at this website, and I wish to continue doing so, but without a steady stream of content, neither Absath nor myself can justify having a reviews section. I know it is entirely unrealistic for three to six people to maintain a reviews section with daily updates, simply because the game companies won’t give us advance copies of games yet, and no advance DVDs or film screenings, either. We pay for everything we review ourselves, and we’re not exactly made of money. So we need to expand. I have a plan for achieving our goals, and much more. Some people see Ctrl Alt Del becoming extremely popular, a dominant name in the game webcomics field. I see this too, but that is only the beginning. I’m talking huge, a media site as popular as IGN or GameSpot. I have the highest respect for these organizations, but I think we can certainly become one of them. After all, IGN started as two guys doing Nintendo 64 reviews. If Absath wants to do the comic for a living, I suppose I want to do this for a living. I forsee a future where we will reach hundreds of thousands of users daily, one where the comic can be published in anthologies, one of Ctrl Alt Del Media.

So what is Ctrl Alt Del Media? Simply put, the most ambitious project I have ever taken on. We will be adding a section for dedicated daily gaming news updates, a section for movie news updates, a section with in-depth previews of games and movies. A completely revamped reviews section with more content and style. Editorials and articles about the entertainment industry. Daily opinion columns from the real gamers and movie fans. The kind of stuff you hear thrown about on TV news commercials, hard hitting commentary and the like. This all can be in our future if we make it happen.

So what do we need to do? We need help. More talent. I’m looking for talented writers who are interested in reporting on news, writing previews, reviews, editorials, and opinion pieces. There is no money, yet. There are no free games, yet. This all can be in the future, though, if you contribute now, and contribute often. As the Editor in Chief of CAD Media I can say I’m not looking for people who think it’ll be a cool, novel thing to write a couple of articles for the site and then disappear. I’m looking for dedicated writers who want in on the ground floor of a potentially huge thing. You must be a good writer, you must have a sense of humor, you must be dedicated and capable of producing a good amount of content on a weekly basis. You must have a lot of free time. This is no kids game, journalism. It is a serious task, but it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. If you want a break, this is it. This is a serious thing, and I guarantee it will look good on a college or job resumé.

Email [email protected]

(edit: Emails without an attached sample of writing will be disregarded. I would also like all your credentials in advance. Serious applications only. The volume of mail is too much for me to handle currently.)

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