Gotta love the Fig Newtons

October 27, 2003 by Tim

In less than two weeks I’ll be down in Virginia Beach at Nekocon, signing stuff, selling shirts and posters, and doing panels. At the panels you can show up, ask me questions about whatever… web comics in general, questions about Ctrl+Alt+Del, art questions, you name it. So if you can make it, swing on by. It really should be an awesome time.

I’ll be traveling down to Nekocon with my friend Mookie, so you’ll get a chance to meet him as well, if you’re a fan of his incredible comic.

Check out the new page for CAD Exclusives! to see what cool stuff you get for donating in October. Can’t donate in October? Don’t worry, there will be more neat stuff for you in November.

I’m still playing a good amount of GunBound. It appears that the in-game friends list is still broken, but I play under the name Absath. Say hi if you see me in-game.

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