October 25, 2003 by Tim

So I just fired up the Halo PC demo for the first time, getting prepared for GameDay. I went ahead and played a few games, and I never thought I’d say this about Halo, but it sucked. A lot.

It is now my personal opinion that moving Halo to the PC and putting it on the internet was a dumb, dumb idea.

I always felt the game moved a little slowly on the XBox, but it just feels like molasses on the PC. I’m not sure why I notice it more. Master Chief runs like my grandmother.

Perhaps it’s just the change going from playing a game that I know and love, and am entirely used to playing in a room full of people that I know, shouting and joking at eachother, to playing online against a bunch of idiots who get pissy everytime you kill them, and who gloat like four-year-olds when they kill you.

For all of the stuff that they added for the PC version, I feel something is definitely missing.

So the fact that I don’t want to be playing that game any more if I don’t have to, and the fact that it only supports ten people per game, doesn’t make it a good GameDay game. Consider it scratched.

However, at around 3pm EST I will log on to an Americas Army server and play for a few hours, then later on tonite I’ll play some Savage for a bit.

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