GRAW multiplayer

March 16, 2006 by Tim

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter multiplayer just doesn’t do it for me.

I will admit, the play is better when you’ve got good teammates, but it still lacks everything that makes the single player so outstanding. You can’t flatten against object and then peek out. It may sound like such a trivial thing, but it’s huge for me. Without it, the game seems like just a Halo clone, only slower, if that was humanly possible.

In single player, I can flatten up against a fence, and then tap the thumbstick to quickly peek around the corner. This gives me a quick look at what’s waiting for me on the other side, without exposing too many of my soft fleshy bits to harm. If I was in a combat situation, this is how I would do it.

But in multiplayer, you have to move your whole body out to see around corners, which immediately gives away your position in most cases. And it’s a slow and awkward movement.

I’d call this laziness on the part of Ubisoft, but that can’t apply. The multiplayer team had to have made a conscious decision to leave these moves out of the game. Because all the animation/code was obviously done for the single player mode.

That cool move you can do while running, when you click down on the thumbstick and you do a slide into crouched position? Yeah, you can’t do that in multiplayer. Oooh, or the ability to climb over small barriers? Nope, can’t do that in multiplayer either. At least not in half the maps. It’s pretty frustrating to run up to a wall only to find out it’s one your soldier can’t manage to climb over.

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