Great news

November 3, 2008 by Tim

I got some really good news over the weekend. I spoke with Dan “YoungWolf7” Smith, whom we helped out a couple of months ago, and he has beaten his cancer the second time around.

You may remember that Dan went in for surgery to have a number of tumors removed from his neck/thyroid. The surgery was a success, but there were still a number of spots on a chest CT that indicated the cancer had spread to his chest, and that could not be so easily removed with surgery. After recovery from the surgery, Dan was staring down the barrel of clinical trials, and radio-iodine therapy to try and cure the cancer in his chest.

Just as he was getting mentally and physically prepped to start the harsh radiation treatment, his doctor called and told him to hold off. Apparently a new chest CT of the nodules in his lungs showed them to be completely calcified. After consulting with a number of other specialists, they have come to the conclusion that they are not cancerous.

And so with that bit of incredible news, Dan is now cancer-free for the second time and getting his life back on track. I just want to thank you all again for helping Dan out when he really needed it. We didn’t cure the cancer, science and surgery did that. But our donations helped him and his family weather the ordeal a little easier, and for that Dan thanks you, and I thank you.

Shifting gears for a moment, I hope everyone eligible is planning to vote tomorrow. I’m not going to use this space to campaign for any particular candidate, but it’s an important election and you should get out and vote.

Shifting gears one more time, ZeStuff is having a big sale, 25% off everything. Go. Now.

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