Guilds, pages, and patrons!

May 9, 2014 by Tim

The official Ctrl+Alt+Del Wildstar guild will be rolling Exile! 2300 votes, (most of whom I know are not planning to play/join the guild, but whatever), 60% of which were in favor of Exile. I’m psyched. I love the Granok and Mordesh enough that I can simply pretend the Aurin don’t exist.

I’ll announce which server we’ll be playing on just as soon as Carbine releases a launch server list, so stay tuned for that. And then of course, once the guild is made, I’ll post info on how to go about joining us. All readers are welcome! My guilds are full-spectrum organizations, meaning if you want to quest, pvp, raid, craft, whatever, you’ll find other people that want to do that too.

I have made a personal promise to myself not to rush through to end game this time. I did that with The Old Republic, and when I got there, I found the end-game buggy and barren. Additionally, Wildstar has some really entertaining writing/story, and so I’m going to attempt to “stop and smell the roses” in an MMO for once.

If you didn’t notice, I got out another four pages of The Starcaster Chronicles this week! The trade-off for temporary black and white pages. I’m on track for four pages next week as well, moving us right along.

Meanwhile, Nic has now caught up to where I left off, having recolored the first five pages of the story. From here on out he’ll be filling in the grayscale pages, and I can’t wait to see them!

Thanks to generous Patrons, I am now guaranteeing to update at least one Silly a week, and we’re closing in on the next milestone! Patrons also got an update on the status of the Ethan and Lucas reboot this week, and they will be the first to get any news or peeks at upcoming projects!

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