Hangover’s Eve

December 31, 2004 by Tim

I feel a certain responsibility to remind you all that should you decide to celebrate New Years Eve with alcohol, that you should do so in a responsible manner. And if you insist on getting hammered, do not drive. I don’t care if it sounds cliche, don’t get behind the wheel drunk. I need all of you back here on Monday to read the comic.

I hope everyone has a very happy and fun and safe New Year’s celebration.

The forums have been back up for a couple of days, as promised. They are a huge change, but I am still working on them. I opted to give you the forums back as soon as possible, and make the design and code tweaks over time, as opposed to keeping the forums closed for another week or two while I found time to work on that. So just be patient with them. It’s a change for all of us.

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