Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012 by Tim

I hope everyone made it through the hurricane safely. We had some trees and powerlines come down in my neighborhood, but fortunately the trees didn’t hit any houses and (somehow) we didn’t lose power either. Some of the pictures I’ve seen are heartbreaking, and not everyone got through it unscathed. I’m hoping for a safe and speedy recovery for the most affected areas. I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

I also hope everyone has a great Halloween tonight, if you’re still having it. I know our area has postponed trick or treating until next week. We’re still hosting a Halloween party tonight though, and really looking forward to it.

It’s also been a busy week for games. I picked up War Z to play in the alpha/beta. I’ll post more thoughts later this week when I’ve had some more time with it. I know two things… 1) That War Z was in development before Day Z hit the scene/blew up, and 2) It doesn’t matter and people are still going to call War Z a ripoff anyway.

I’ll say this, though: Both games in their current states have some serious issues. Currently I think War Z has more potential to be a solid game. However Day Z is working on a standalone release, using the new ARMA engine, and that could be even better. We’ll have to see. At any rate, I still think the names of both games are stupid. But like I said, I’ll go more in depth on War Z later. I think there’s still an NDA.

I also picked up Natural Selection 2. I played one game last night, and I really enjoyed it. Our commander was an incredibly polite British gentleman who issued all of his orders with pleases and thank yous. It was really pleasant, though I don’t expect every experience will be that way. Again, haven’t played enough to review it, so that will have to wait until the weekend.

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