Sliding in style

September 26, 2008 by Tim

You may remember me talking about the SumoSac a few months ago. It’s still one of my favorite chairs in the house, and I’ve dozed off in it more than a few times.

Recently I got my hands on a couple of Sumo Omni PLUS chairs. These are basically the Sumo Omni (the chairs you see at Digital Overload), but with the microsuede covering and filling from the SumoSac.

I set these up in the master bedroom, next to some bookcases. They’re a great place to plop down and read comic books for the afternoon.

Because the filling is a softer, fluffy foam, like the SumoSac, the filling doesn’t compress, but at the same time you can’t mold it into as many different shapes as the regular Omni. Instead these ones have straps and clips, which can hold the chair in a seated position if you want. It’s pretty neat.

I definitely still recommend the SumoSac if you have the room, but its is more like a fixed piece of furniture. You set it up, and then its probably not going to be moving around all that much, due to its size and weight. These Omni PLUS chairs are smaller, and easier to shuffle around when company comes over.

Both make great gaming/tv/reading chairs, though I do find the sheer size of the SumoSac commands you to fall asleep. And you, a willing slave to the chair, have no choice but to obey.

I wish I could say you’d see some Sumo Omni PLUS’ at Digital Overload next year, but the microsuede covering is just not conducive to an atmosphere with hundreds of rambunctious gamers. Nor is it conducive to one of our favorite Digital Overload pasttimes… Sumo Sliding.

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