Happy Winter-een-mas!

January 25, 2006 by Tim

So it’s here. The first day of the celebration that gamers have been anticipating and preparing for all month. Winter-een-mas starts today! I hope you’ve all got your game systems warmed up.

Last year, for the seven days of Winter-een-mas, I paid tribute to seven different game developers that have had some impact on my life as a gamer. This year, I am going to pay tribute to seven of my favorite games of all time. I’ll be posting them in separate newsposts each day, so stay tuned.

The first episode of the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series is launching next week, on February 1st. At that time the 12-month subscription fee will also go up to full price. So this is the last week for you to sign up for CAD Premium at a discounted rate.

Signing up for CAD Premium not only gets you the animated series, but also access to exclusive forums and lots of cool stuff. The current subscribers just got seven new wallpapers, and the first look at the cover artwork for the third Ctrl+Alt+Del book!

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion as much as I am, you might want to watch this “making of” video. Devouring related media is reported to help ease the pains of waiting.

I’ve made all my travel arrangements to attend E3 this year. I’ll try and schedule at least one fan-meet like I did last year, once the event gets closer.

I’ve heard this year they’re cracking down on the “booth babes” and the skimpy outfits they wear, and all I can say to that is “good”. The rules are nothing new, but apparently this year they’re going to make an extra effort to enforce them. More power to ’em. It’s embarassing to be around. A bunch of sweaty tech nerds drooling over and prodding at these girls.

All in all, I’d like to see gaming companies attract attention based on the merits of their product, and not how many pairs of tits they can place directly adjacent to their kiosks.

On Friday I’m heading to Boston for Vericon. Hope to see some of you there. As I mentioned before, I’m not bringing any merchandise. This isn’t a “come see me sit behind a table and buy some stuff” convention. This is more of a “Hey, I’m going here to hang out, do a few panels, and play some video games. Wanna come hang out too?” convention. I’ll try and keep a sharpie on me at all times, so I can sign whatever you bring for me to sign.

Aside from Digital Overload (which isn’t really a convention, it’s a LAN party) Vericon is the only publicly accessible convention I’ll be attending this year.

Speaking of Digital Overload, we’ve just hooked up with a computer rental company in the area! So if you wanted to attend, but were reluctant about lugging your computer from a distance, now you can rent one! The rental company will deliver and pick up your equipment from the convention center, so all you have to do is show up and have a good time!

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