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July 12, 2006 by Tim

A Scanner Darkly is a limited release (it’s not going to be in every theater), but thankfully a small indie theater up the street will be showing it this Friday, so I’m pretty psyched. Richard Linklater’s previous film, A Waking Life, is done in the same art over film style, and it’s really fun to watch.

Prey is still sitting in its nice shiny collector’s edition case, taunting me. I’d love to fire it up, but I’m just a little too busy this week.

Fileplanet has got a Company of Heroes beta going on, if you feel the need to do World War II. Again. From a strategy viewpoint.

Here are a few news tidbits, brought to you by the outstanding CADMedia staff:

Also it appears Sony pulled the “racially charged” ads and issued an apology. Figures.

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