Holy updated newspost, Batman!

November 17, 2003 by Tim

Yes, I live.

I have returned from Virginia, where I was visiting a friend for a few days. The news posts have been nearly non-existent simply because of the fact that I try to keep this area as comic-related as possible, and all that’s been happening for the past week has been personal life stuff.

I did finally get out to see Matrix: Revolutions on Saturday evening. My diagnosis: Meh.

Let me explain. I thought it was a lot better than Reloaded but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good movie, in my opinion. But it was better than I expected. This says a lot for any of you who remember how much I disliked Reloaded.

I think in the future (after the DVD’s are released) it will be easier for me to watch Reloaded, knowing that I can watch Revolutions right after it. It’s no Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones as far as great trilogies go, but it will suffice.

Also, if you order shirts from the store after the beginning of December, I cannot garauntee that you will receive them before christmas. I can do my best, but I make no promises.

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