When life gets hectic…

November 19, 2003 by Tim

Comic for your thoughts?

Got some demo news for you. First of all, if you have yet to play Max Payne 2, you should grab the demo here and give it a whirl.

Also check out Beyond Good and Evil if you’re into action/adventure stuff. I thought it was pretty entertaining.

The CAD Exclusives! for November will be going out in just a little over a week, so be sure to get your donation in so you get your bonus comic and wallpaper, as well as a chance to win free shirts and posters.

I’ve also got some projects lined up for myself. I’m considering creating a new poster, super high quality, and large poster size. I’m talking like 17″x24″. I’m going to have to get around to creating a poll so that I can figure out if you guys actually want one though.

I also should be debuting the first XBox CADSkin in the next week or two. I want to get that nailed down before xmas.

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