August 26, 2013 by Tim

I am back from Wisconsin, and I had loads of fun at Geek.Kon. A great convention with great staff and attendees. I’ve done a lot of conventions in the past decade, and Geek.Kon’s guest staff was hands-down the most attentive.

Big thanks to everyone that came to my panels and swung by the table. I really enjoyed chatting with you all.

I also had the pleasure to sit next to/chat with/do a panel with John Jackson Miller, a novelist that works on (among other things) the Star Wars extended universe. His new novel, Kenobi, comes out tomorrow, and follow’s the days immediately after Obi-Wan’s arrival on Tatooine post-episode three. He’s also worked on the KOTOR books, and has his own sci-fi as well. He was really nice, and you should check out his work!

The folks from Crippled System, a Warmachine/Hordes podcast came by the convention and I sat in to record the latest episode, which was huge fun as well. You can find that here, for an hour and a half talking about Xcom, Warmachine, EQNext, etc.

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