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Clearing through some boxes a few weeks ago, I came across one in particular that I thought contained paperback Volume Three. In fact, it held an old personal stash of the original hardcovers for Volume One and Two, from back in 2005.

Given that I clearly didn’t remember that I had these, and I have my own copies, I’m going to make these available to anyone that wants to pick them up. These are extremely limited in quantity; I have nineteen copies of Volume One, and nine copies of Volume Two. These books feature the original covers, and there will never, ever, be more of these printed. These are just leftovers from the 2005 run.

These books are signed with a 2005 signature (I always put the year on my signatures) and come with a certificate of authenticity. However these books were limited to runs of six-hundred copies each. Since I don’t recall where we left off with the numbering back in 2005, to ensure that I’m not creating duplicate numbering, I will be numbering these in the negative. -001, -002, for example.

These also come with the original exclusive stickers that they would have shipped with back in 2005. Every book will come with the Ethan and Zeke sticker for as long as they last. However only the first three orders will receive a Lucas sticker, because I only have three left.

So that’s that. These are all set to ship out this week, if you want to get your hands on one.


SOLD OUT Volume One Original Limited Edition Hardcover $29.9

SOLD OUT Volume Two Original Limited Edition Hardcover $29.99

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