Huh? What time is it?

March 5, 2004 by Tim

I have got a lot of projects to finish by tomorrow. And by a lot I mean that I’m going to be working non-stop over the next 15 hours, then sleep, then get up and get back to work.

The one I’m working on as I type this is finishing up the Donator’s Only wallpaper so that I can send it out tomorrow. So far it’s turning out great, so much so that I’m thinking I might give everyone a small thumbnail of it when it’s finished. It’s a teaser for the upcoming CAD comic book. Only donators will receive the full sized desktop version though.

After I’m done with that I need to finish tomorrow’s strip, then work on a piece of artwork for a friend. Somewhere inbetween I have to get to the post office before it closes to ship some orders, and pick up some supplies while I’m out.

However, just because I’m piled high with work to do doesn’t mean I haven’t found some time to squeeze in some gaming. I’ve been playing the Lineage 2 beta test. So far I think it’s an incredible game, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it, but they haven’t lifted the NDA yet. However a lot of fans have been saying hi in-game, so if you’re playing, drop me a line. My character’s name is Absath.

I’ve also started looking forward to World of Warcraft. See, I have this policy not to get excited about a game until it’s almost released. It’s just too torturous. So I avoid drooling over the screenshots, analyzing every post and press release etc until shortly before the game is released. That way, by the time I’m teetering on the edge of a psychotic frenzy, I don’t have that long to wait before the game is in my hands. So now that WoW is getting ever closer, I’ve started to really look into the game, and I must say, it looks gorgeous.

So it looks like it will be a toss-up. World of Warcraft or Lineage 2. Which will get my monthly subscription and oodles of time? Only playtesting both will tell.

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