I hate the intarweb

April 13, 2005 by Tim

Godamn fucking finally. I just spent the last six hours wrestling with this stupid wireless network and cable connection. Quick run-down for you- about a week ago we started noticing our internet was acting kooky. Random disconnects, severe slowdown, etc. But during all this, not a single problem with the connectivity (according to those nice bright lights on the modem). It got increasingly worse, until last night where I wasn’t able to be online for more than 30 seconds at a time.

We guessed that someone in the area was jumping onto our wireless network and hogging all our bandwidth, slowing things down. So I spent the morning setting up a secured wireless network for just our four computers here. No dice. Connection was still sketchy at best.

So spend another few hours on the phone with those assholes at Comcast trying to troubleshoot the thing. We tried two different modems with no success, so they decide that we’re experiencing signal loss, and they’ll have to send out a technician to repair it. The earliest they can do it? Sunday. Four days from now. So I schedule the repair visit, tell them to go fuck themselves, and spend another hour tinkering with the whole thing myself.

In the entire CAD office I have finally got this single computer online in a fashion that allows me to upload the comic and post news for you. I’m pretty damned irritated right now. It’s very frustrating when 80% of your business is run online, and you can’t access it reliably.

Thankfully I picked up Archer Maclean’s Mercury yesterday for my PSP. I’m pretty hooked. This innovative little puzzle game is addictive and challenging.

It reminds me a little bit of Marble Madness, for those that recall that classic. You have a glob of mercury, and you basically tilt the entire map in different ways to get the mercury to different objectives without spilling too much over the edge.

Also, the great folks over at ConnectiCon, Connecticut’s largest sci-fi/anime/gaming convention, are looking for a reliable, talented web designer to create and help maintain a fully functional website. This isn’t the kind of job you can slack off on, so please only apply if you are seriously interested in helping out. You can contact them here for more information.

I’ve already lost half of my work day to this stupid internet problem, so I’d better start making up for lost time.

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