I live again

September 2, 2005 by Tim

Here and now, five days later, the viral invaders have begun to give up and evacuate the premises. Unfortunately their grand exit is not to happen unnoticed. No, they will not go quietly into the night. Though I feel better, they have made sure that all of the fluid, previously fighting so hard to remain in my lungs and sinuses, is now forcing it’s way out in a series of involuntary coughs and sneezes. I am on the mend though, I promise!

Thank you for all the well-wishing emails. I would have answered more of them, but I was distractign myself from the sickness with copious amounts of WoW and Work.

For those of you that have ordered books, and have thus far been so very, very patient, I have some good news. Every last book, softcover and hardcover, is now finished. They will be making their way to the ZeStuff offices in Canada next week, and I imagine so will I. Once I have spent what we estimate to be a whole two or three days doing nothing but signing books, they will begin shipping out post haste.

Though I have not seen the hardcovers yet, I have been assured they were well worth the wait. And I already know the softovers will look spectacular, because they did for the first printing of Volume One.

I’ll keep you updated next week.

I’ve received quite a few emails from readers down in New Orleans who have had to evacuate their homes and all of their belongings. I’ll be honest… it absolutely breaks my heart. I couldn’t imagine losing everything in a disaster like that, and it is such a horrible coincidence that real life events have mirrored my current storyline. Losing your home and possessions is bad, but losing your loved ones is beyond words of sadness.

I posted a link to the Red Cross, but I know a lot of you have a sour taste in your mouth about them, after they supposedly tried to use funds raised for 9/11 for other things. I don’t blame you.

There are other organizations that are accepting donations to help those down in New Orleans. Please take a look:
Direct Relief

Again, my thoughts go out to those in the midst of this tragedy.

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