I live!

January 26, 2004 by Tim

My cable is up and running in the new place. I finally feel connected to the world again.

I’m doing pretty well here. Started to get unpacked. Still boxes of stuff everywhere, but the essentials are set up- computers, video games, bed, food.

I figure it will take me at least the rest of the week to get everything unpacked. Once I’m all set up here, I’ll get my girlfriend to bring her digital camera over so I can take some pictures to show you the new place.

But speaking of pictures, check out all the cool pics people have sent me for Winter-een-mas. I’ve put them all in the Winter-een-mas 2004 Gallery in the Funbox. And keep them coming in. It’s really awesome to see people celebrating.

Please bear with me concerning answering emails, messages and store orders. Right now if I need something, I have to search through some three dozen boxes before I find it. It makes operating on a normal level nigh impossible.

Happy Winter-een-mas everyone.

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