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January 29, 2004 by Tim

I really wish I could tell you that a whole lot of exciting stuff is going on right now… but it just isn’t. This entire week has pretty much consisted of just me getting acclimated to my new surroundings, and attempting to unpack all of my crap.

I swear, now matter how much stuff I unbox, I’m still buried in… stuff. Fucking stuff everywhere. I think I’m going to be living out of boxes for the next year. When I decide to move again, I’m not even going to have to pack, because all of my shit will still be un-unpacked.

Now, I knew before I moved here that I would probably have to deal with a bit more of that southern mindset that I was previously used to, partially due to the fact that, oh, I dunno… I’m a New Englander. But nothing could have prepared me for this.

I swear, if I see one more person wear camoflauge as casual wear, I’m going to snap. And I’m not even talking about military camo which has, in the past, been used by people (not withstanding your average gun-toting Columbine student) as a fashion trend. No no. I’m talking about hunting camoflauge. From head to toe, the pants, the jacket and even that goofy little hat. The redneck camoflauge. Greens and browns. In the middle of the fucking winter, with snow everywhere.

Speaking of snow, people here don’t know how to handle it. They get a few inches and everything shuts down. Let me tell you, last winter in New England was so damned cold, the ocean froze. The ocean. We had snow up to our necks and we still got up in the morning to go to work. Five miles away. Barefoot. Ok, yeah, now I’m just bullshitting you.

In their defense, however, it was rather slippery snow. Very treacherous indeed. Which is why while they were all driving around at 10mph on the highways, I was in their mall parking lots driving and sliding around with my e-brake on. Gwee.

All in all, things are good though. I’m confident I’ll be running under normal circumstances again soon. I like my new place, I’m managing to quell my shivers everytime I hear a “y’all” in my general vicinity, and I haven’t been shot yet.

From what I gather, most of you are enjoying this week’s comics. It was a nice little break from the norm, and a welcomed chance for me to do a little something differently. They’ll come to a close on Saturday with the end of Winter-een-mas, and then on Monday we’ll resume regular routine.

And speaking of Winter-een-mas, I hope you all have had an enjoyable holiday week. I know there are a ton of you that have been celebrating, and it’s an awesome thing to see. Don’t forget to swing by the Funbox to see pictures of people’s celebrations.

Happy Winter-een-mas everyone!

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